Khamis, 25 Jun 2015

Motivasi: TED Talks


Dalam beberapa hari yang lepas ni, saya ada tengok satu program ala-ala public speaking iaitu TED Talks di YouTube. Apa yang menarik ialah kesemua speaker yang dijemput ialah orang yang boleh memberikan inspirasi kepada kita semua.

Saya dah tengok beberapa episod dan saya akui bahawa kesemuanya telah memberikan kesan kepada saya terutama dari segi cara pemikiran dan menjadi lebih positif. Speaker yang dijemput bukan calang-calang orang. Mereka akan berkongsikan pengalaman mereka dan apa yang mereka telah perolehi daripada pengalaman tersebut. Siapa sangka hanya dengan mendengar pengalaman orang lain pun kita dah boleh meningkatkan motivasi diri kita.

Jadi, apa tunggu lagi tak payah pergi seminar ataupun ceramah mahal-mahal. Buka YouTube kemudian taip 'TED Talks' ataupun 'TEDx Talks di ejen carian. Pilihlah mana yang nak ditengok.


Monica Lewinski: The Price of Shame

Cameron Rusell: Looks aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm a Model

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Lizzie Velasquez: How do You Define Yourself?


Rabu, 17 Jun 2015

Beware Of These Acne Triggers!


First of all, almost of all has acne problems right? Do you ever wonder what cause it? Do you ever think why those zits are on your face? Today, I'm gonna show you some reasons why do you have acne prone skin. Remember, I'm not a dermatologist but I'm just a regular girl that have acne problem.

1. Hormone

The no.1 reason is always HORMONES

2. Lack Of Exercise
By hook or by crook you gotta exercise at least 2-3 times a week

3. Consuming too Many Dairy Products or Protein
NEVER consume too many DAIRY PRODUCTS or PROTEIN especially MILK. So, just eat healthy.

4. Your Beauty Routine
Remember to use the right products that are especially made for acne prone skin or just use some natural remedies but you still gonna be careful on what you put on your face on daily basis.
Also, remember to regularly CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES or anything that you put on your face such as your SUNGLASSES or your CELL PHONE as it collects bacteria that could cause breakouts on your face.

5. Consuming too Many Unhealthy Food
 STOP EATING JUNK FOODS! Say NO to BURGERS, FRENCH FRIES, CHIPS or anything like that including SWEETS. But if you still wanna have it I suggested that you have it 2 or 3 times in a month or maybe once in a month.

6. Lack of Sleeps
I know that sometimes it's so hard to get that miracle 8 hours each and everyday but it's possible. During night, your skin will be 'repaired' especially when you're sleeping as it's the best time for your skin to absorb all the products that you use on your skin.

7. Never Change Your Pillow Cases
Just change your pillow cases regularly.

8. Stress
Stress could totally ruin your life.

Some of the videos that might help:

@JessBunty - Youtube

So, now you've known what causes acne. What are you waiting for? Change your lifestyle and get rid of any bad habits that can cause acne. It may be a little bit hard but trust me it worth it and I have to admit that it also hard for me to change my lifestyle as well.

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