Khamis, 6 November 2014




Sometimes, people always judge me based on my appearance. From my acne to my 'quite fat body'. There are even some people that underestimated me just from the way I look. I wonder why people must be cruel and still has that misconception about beauty.

There're also some people who judge me from the way I walk, talk and more! Do that counts too? It's not wrong to has that 'first impression thought'. But, please don't ever try to change it. Maybe that person just comfortable with his/her own way.

You don't have to be the 'unpaid critics' that always want to criticize others. Come on! You're not perfect too. You may said that it doesn't wrong to just correct it. But don't be too over. Don't ever force them to change. Yes, maybe there're some circumstances that need to be change but what if it's just natural or it just a small matter?

You must realize that they are born that way! Besides, God makes no mistakes on creating them! God really knows what is the best for them. You must remember that you're not him/her, you're not his/her parents that knows his/her for a long time and YOU'RE NOT HIS/HER CREATOR!

Imagine, if a person try to change you for who you are and overly criticize you just because your walk is a little bit different from others. What's your feeling? You must be upset right? The same thing goes to the person that you've tried to change too!

So, don't pretend that you're the one who perfect and makes no mistakes. You are human too. We all make mistakes. We all not perfect. Just HIM the one who's perfect.


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